Worship in Perlis

Alwi Mosque

Situated in Kangar, Alwi Mosque is an impressive structure and an iconic landmark in the state which adopting classic Mughal architecture,. The mosque was registered as a WARISAN (National Heritage) in 1988, under the National Heritage Act 2005.

Funded by Muslim tithes (zakat), donations from Muslim government officials and businessmen as well as allocations from the State Government, construction finally began in 1931 under M. C. Hay and fully completed in 1933 under O. E. Venables. The mosque was officially opened by the Sultan of Perlis at that time, Raja Syed Alwi Ibni Almarhum Tuan Syed Safi Jamalullail, of whom it was named after.


Al-Hussain Mosque

Adopting a ‘modern tropical resort’ concept, the Al-Hussain Mosque was inspired by Raja Muda Perlis (Prince of Perlis), Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Syed Sirajuddin Jamalulail, and realised by a prominent businessman, Tan Sri Mohd. Ariffin Yusuf, who had named the mosque in honour of his late brother.

Located next to the Kuala Perlis Jetty, Al-Hussain Mosque’s structure extends over Straits of Malacca, is a beautiful floating mosque that adopting a fresh, tropical architectural look, the walls of the mosque are not painted but decorated with different types of rock, quartz, granite, marble and pebbies. Its majestic golden-yellow-and-blue dome is made from two layers of aluminium, with a layer of Polyvinylidene Diffluoride (PVDF) protecting its surface.

Another unique feature of the mosque is its twin minarets, which are the first hexagonal minarets in the world. At night, the minarets come alive in various colours with each colour indicating a different prayer time to the fisherman at sea, which can be seen from as far as 10km.


Perlis State Mosque

Built in 1972, Perlis State Mosque has a modern architecture style with Moorish influence. The floor is made of marble covered with carpet. It is capable of accommodating 7,000 worshipers. Its upper floor is dedicated for female prayer hall.

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