Shopping in Perlis

Perlis is a paradise for bargain-hunters and shopaholics with its duty-free complexes and night markets. Load your shopping carts with everything from souvenirs to household items.

Kayangan Square Mall

Located in Kangar, Kayangan Square Mall is a popular shopping destination among the locals for its easy access and convenience where you can find almost all the daily necessities you need.


Kayangan Square Shopping Complex
Jalan Penjara, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Tel: 604 – 977 2616
Fax: 604 – 977 9772
Operation Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Padang Besar Arcade

Located at Padang Besar, the two-storey Padang Besar Arcade is a bargain hunter’s paradise where a myriad of stalls and shops offers products ranging from food and clothing to handicraft as well as household items. Miscellaneous shop and open-air flea markets add to the air of excitement and gaiety here, offering a wide selection of foodstuff and products.


Emas Kerajang Duty-free Complex

Located at the northern border of Malaysia, Emas Kerajang Duty-free Complex is one of the most popular shopping spots for locals and visitors from around the region. The complex offers a wide range of duty-free items such as chocolates, perfumes, fashion apparels, luggage, electrical items and household goods.


Wang Kelian Sunday Market

Situated about 40km from Kangar, along the Malaysia-Thailand border, Wang Kelian Town is a must for every shopping enthusiast.


The busting Wang Kelian Market come alive early in the morning with rows of stalls offering a variety of goods from clothing, kitchenware to gifts, fresh fruit and lots of food. The journey to Wang Kelian entails a scenic drive along an undulating route, fringed by hilly terrain and pleasant countryside vistas.



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