mvgcover2017-copyMalaysia Visitors Guide Magazine is the authority on tourism in Malaysia. 2017 marks the 28th edition Malaysia Visitors Guide.

The publication provides insights for tourists on sightseeing, dining, shopping and all things about Malaysia and is considered to be the requisite inspiration and information for travellers to Malaysia. This magazine is a comprehensive, up-to-date and mesmerizing companion for all things about Malaysia which offers the reader a custom travel as if we were there with you and when you wish to be far from the ordinary.

In line with Malaysia’s direction in promoting the country as a preferred travel destination, Malaysia Visitors Guide continues its endless support by featuring and highlighting the many interesting events that has been lined-up for the entire year ahead.

Malaysia Visitors Guide is the only passport you need when you travel to Malaysia – “absolutely and uniquely Asia



Malaysia MICE Directory is the only reference an organization needs to stage an event successfully. Thoroughly researched and written with multinational corporations (MNCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and business travellers in mind, Malaysia MICE boasts of all the information needed be it for business tourism, event organization, corporate social gatherings or even work-and-play visits.

Malaysia MICE caters to the industry needs featuring topics on how to run a successful event in Malaysia, guide on theme events and theme destination across the country. The publication also provides comprehensive conference and exhibition venue details, and other supporting services needed to run a successful event.

Malaysia MICE is circulated in both Malaysia and Singapore (Top 1000 companies), extending its reach geographically across various industries, making Malaysia MICE a publication worth your every dollar.



SME Malaysia Directory is the 1st Malaysia Business Directory that is endorsed by Ministry of International Trade & Industry and Small & Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA).

SME Malaysia is packed with essentials and information dedicated to SMI/SME business owners and entrepreneurs. The SME Malaysia features practical articles and news in fresh, easy-to-read articles – capturing and delivering the moments in businesses.

With SME Malaysia, insightful and useful knowledge which entrepreneurs can leverage on to compete successfully and distinguish effectively is well covered including business and news for an exciting breed of SMEs & SMIs in Malaysia.

SME Malaysia is a business directory well reached to SMEs in both Malaysia and Singapore.



Malaysia Visitors Map is every visitor’s handy guide to the country. A compact compilation of city maps, common local phrases and quick guides to food, attractions and events.

Malaysia Visitor Map is all a visitor needs to get around. Visitors will find the map concise and handy – the best companion to accompany them everywhere throughout their stay.

A complement to Malaysia Visitors Guide, Malaysia Visitors Map is a user-friendly map with travel tips and up-to-date information on interesting places in the city centre including the location of latest hotels, shopping experience, and exciting night out.

Malaysia Visitor Map is the only Malaysia tourist map circulated in 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels in both Malaysia and selected hotels in Singapore.