Prefect Wine Drinking

Ways to do a Chinese New Year Detox & Still Drink Wine!

Chinese New Year is a time of indulgence. There are  few points on how wine can actually help out a healthy and start of the year lifestyle.

i. Know your wine’s calories

Wine contains calories and knowing how many are in your glass could help you drink healthier. High alcohol generally also means high calories and sugar. However, wine has less calories than beer.

Red wine vs Beer

ii. Know your food

For serious wine drinkers, the perfect pairings will be cheese and red meat, fish and seafood. This will pose diet problems!!! Try pairing your whites and sparkling with bites of fresh fruit instead, or your reds with richly seasoned grilled vegetables.

Wine Pair with healthy food

iii. Size Matter

At least when it comes to servings. One way to get yourself drinking a more moderate amount of wine is to stop filling the glass as far as it will go and start going for a standard pour, which for the record is around 5oz/15cl or around a fifth of the bottle.


iv. Don’t drink before you eat

Drinking wine before a meal will only serve to increase to your appetite and lead to the kind of overindulgence you’re trying to avoid. Start drinking with your meal and you won’t have the same problem.

Drink after meal

v. Drink Water


Health Benefits of Alcohol 

i. Rum 


ii. Champagne


iii. Red Wine

Red Wine

iv. Whiskey


v. Tequila


vi. Vodka


vii. Brandy


viii. Beer


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