Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

Spans an area of 5.91 acres,   the world-class Labuan International Sea Sports Complex is located at the waterfront area along Jalan Tanjung Purun, which is within close proximity to Labuan town center.  It was a project under the 7th Malaysia plan and built at a total cost of RM25 million.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex is also part of the Labuan waterfront beautification project. Its objective is to create a world-class water sports center and to develop more attractive places of interests in line with the Malaysian Prime Minister’s vision to turn Labuan into a major island destination.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex opens to the public in June 2001 when it hosted the yearly Labuan Sea Challenge. The complex is designed with three prominent structures connected to a main viewing plaza where each of these imposing towers is an integral part of a large modern water sports complex which houses a specific activity. The architecture offers a dramatic expression of nature, tradition and modern functionality. The improved infrastructure and facilities provided by this complex is expected to enhance Labuan’s appeal to attract more tourists and investors. The modern amenities will enable the island to host more international sea sports events and championships.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex houses the main sea sports centre, an administrative block, a marine biology museum, souvenir shops and eateries.

Sea Sports Centre
This is a center for major sea sports activities and a venue for carnival. There is a large boat storage area that allows direct access to the beach front. There are also facilities for changing room, rest area and general preparation. It serves as a permanent exhibition area for all type of sea sports activities. It connects to the many leisure walks on the beachfront.

Labuan Water Festival


Labuan Marine Museum 
The Labuan Marine Museum is sited together with the Administrative block in a separate building. It takes the shape of a semi-circle fronting the sea with an open gallery. A large part of the building space is used by the Maritime Museum. While the rest of the space is for administrative use such as meeting room and office spaces for sports bodies. The podium level contains comfortable resting room for VIP and additional gallery space for museum.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex- Labuan Marine Museum

Labuan Marine Museum is set up to preserve the precious marine heritage of Labuan and aims to provide information and knowledge of the island’s rich marine life. The two-storey museum is divided into 16 galleries and it starts from general information on marine life in Labuan waters, Labuan’s advantages as a marine kingdom or marine paradise followed by expositions on the marine life’s habitats (swampy habitat, seashore habitat, coral reef habitat and sea/ocean habitat), fishing activities and lastly research results and publications related to Labuan fishing activities.

Exhibition items will cover live specimens and preserved species of fish, sea corals, snails and moluscs, reptiles and zoo planktons, sea plants, artifacts from shipwrecks, sea research through the aquarium method, touch-pool, video wall, graphics, models, posters and charts. Visitors also can touch and feel starfish, sea cucumbers and king crabs in shallow waters.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex-Labuan Marine Museum

Main Plaza
The main plaza is circular in shape. It is equipped with an all weather windbreaker structure to withstand any adverse weather conditions. It serves as a centre stage to launch and view all type of sea sports events.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex-Main Plaza

Handicraft Center and Eateries
The handicraft centre and eateries are located on the west wing of the complex. The many fast food stall and small eateries selling local fares, plus the many souvenir and handicraft shops, make this place a hive of activities. It is a popular stopover for visiting tourists.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex- Manja Rasa Restoran

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex
Jalan Tanjung Purun,
87008 Labuan.
Tel: 6087-425 927
Operation Hour:  9.00 am – 6.00 pm Daily
Entrance Fee: Free

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