Japan’s Cherry Blossoms 2017 Forecast

Hanami! It’s that magical time of the year for Japan, when its national flower, the Sakura (or cherry blossoms), bloom in its fullest glory and pepper the trees with hues of pinks and whites. Look at Mount Fuji during springtime!

Cherry Blossom

The flowering date of cherry blossoms is affected greatly by the change of weather and temperature. Due to the narrow land area of the whole island of Japan, the difference of climate in the different regions of Okinawa from the northernmost Hokkaido to the southernmost is large, and the temperature difference is very large. Therefore, the flowering dates of cherry blossoms in various regions of Japan Also are different. The coldest “Hokkaido” area, cherry blossom flowering season relative to late, predict that end of April to early May, cherry blossoms will flowering.


Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom-viewing season has already begun for some of the southern regions including Okinawa, and will be moving upwards towards prefectures in Japan’s higher elevation like Aomori and Hokkaido in the upcoming months.

i) Okinawa: Mid January to Mid February


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Nago Chuo Park, Nakijin Castle, Yogi Park

ii) Fukuoka: 25 March to 10 April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: San Hou Park, Fukuoka Castle, Atago Shrine, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Nishi Park

iii) Osaka: 29 March to 12 April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Osaka Castle Park, Kema Sakuranomiya, Osaka Mint Bureau

iv) Nara: 28 March to 11 April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Mount Yoshino, Heijo Palace, Nara Park

v) Hiroshima: 29 March to 12 April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Peace Park, Hiroshima Castle, Shukkein Garden

vi) Kyoto: Early to Mid April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto Gosho, Shirakawa, Maruyama, Heian Shrine

vii) Tokyo: 26 March to 11 April


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Shinjuku Garden, Ueno Park, Sumida Park, Meguro Park,  Yoyogi Park

viii) Aomori: 22 April to 4 May


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Hirosaki Castle, Ashino Park

ix) Hokkaido: 29 April to 5 May


Best cherry blossom-viewing spots: Hakodate’s Goryokaku, Matsumae Castle, Odori Park

Sapporo city  at Hokkaido offers everything to travelers: bountiful nature, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine.




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