Iconic Buildings of Putrajaya

The architectural style of the Putrajaya is definitely a source of the nation’s pride, as can be seen in the international standards of design and construction of the city structure.  Among the distinctive buildings are the futuristic entrance arch of Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex, the body managing the administration of the Federal Territory of Putrajaya. Another notable structure is the Ministry of Finance Complex with a crescent-shaped tower and a series of arches forming Islamic motifs. 



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Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex is the body managing the administration of the Federal Territory of Putrajaya.  The complex is a modern interpretation of traditional Islamic architecture where its futuristic entrance arch is inspired by the traditional Malay songket weaving.

Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex

Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex comprises four divisions integrated within courtyards while along the Persiaran Perdana, an open arcade which is incorporated with a landscaped called the Qiblat Walk.

Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex

The conference facilities and Auditorium are designed as a complex of low-rise medium sized buildings connected by pedestrian links with boutique retail spaces on the ground floor of each component.

Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex

The complex’s main feature is the Gateway or Gerbang with a viewing deck at the most top level that gives a breath-taking view of the city skyline and provides a vantage point during parades.



Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex
24, Persiaran Perdana,
Presint 3, 62675 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8887 7000
Fax : 603-8887 5000
Facebook: Perbadanan Putrajaya
Website: www.ppj.gov.my

The first building to be completed and occupied in Putrajaya on 21st June 1999, Perdana Putra is a 6-storey high office complex that houses the Prime Minister’s Office, the office of  Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Secretary to the Government.

Perdana Putra

Perdana Putra

The design of the building incorporates Islamic Mogul architecture’s elements in its green-glazed roof, onion shapes dome and wrought iron motifs of the hibiscus (bunga raya), which is Malaysia’s national flower.

Perdana Putra

Perdana Putra was built on a 50-metre mound to dominate the Putrajaya skyline. The building is also the beginning of the 4.2km boulevard and from its gate you can see straight across to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) at the end.

Perdana Putra to PICC

Perdana Putra
Persiaran Sultan Sallahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Situated opposite Perdana Putra, Putra Square, also known as Dataran Putra, is encircled by Chahar Bagh, designed after the Garden of Eden. Adorned with light and water features, the 300-metre circular’s open space and width makes it an excellent venue for ceremonies, carnivals and major events. Flanked by the Putra Mosque, Perdana Putra, Putra Bridge and Promenade, the square is a popular spot for tourist, family picnics and outing on weekend.

Dataran Putra

The design of Dataran Putra incorporates 11-pointed outer star which represents the 11 states of Malaya when the country gained independence in August 1957. The inner 13-pointed star represents the 13 states of Malaysia and the 14-pointed star includes the new addition of the Federal Territory. The progressive arrangements of the different pointed stars finally culminate in a circle at the centre of the Square which symbolises the ultimate goal of unity.

Image result for dataran putrajaya

Dataran Putra
Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Built in 1997 on a 42.5 acres site, the Seri Perdana Complex features a similar architectural designs as the Perdana Putra, in the green dome and structure, which reflects a universal heritage with Malay, Islamic and European design elements.

Seri Perdana

The official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Seri Perdana Complex is also serve as the venue for official state functions and banquets to welcome heads of state, heads of government, state dignitaries and the public.

Seri Perdana

The building comprises three blocks, namely the reception block or protocol block, banquet block and residence block. In line with the principle that Seri Perdana “belongs to the people”, the protocol block and banquet block are open to the public.

 i) Protocol Block

Consists of several main rooms used to welcome heads of state, heads of government and local and foreign dignitaries.

  • Main Guest Salon
    Official guests are welcomed by the Prime Minister in this room. It is also used for closed discussions with heads of state and heads of government.Seri Perdana
  • Special Guest Salon
    This is the main rest area for official guests.Seri Perdana
  • Waiting Room
    Two special waiting rooms, i.e. Waiting Rooms I and II, are provided for the convenience of guests.
  • Meeting Room
    This room is used by the Prime Minister for meetings with official guests.
  • Special Dining Hall
    This hall is located in front of the Special Guest Salon and is used for official banquets for heads of state, heads of government and local and foreign dignitaries. It can accommodate 60 guests.

ii) Banquet Block

Consists of the official banquet hall and exhibition gallery.

  • Banquet Hall
    This hall is used to entertain guests of the state and it can accommodate 200 to 300 guests.Seri Perdana
  • Gallery
    This is an exhibition area for the collection of gifts, awards and souvenirs presented to the Prime Minister by local and foreign dignitaries.Seri Perdana

Tour Information:

Schedule for visiting stated as below :

WeekdayMonday to ThursdayGuided Tour

9.00 am


3.00 pm

Saturday and SundayWalk-in
School HolidayWalk-in
Friday and Public HolidayClosed for Maintenance

*Duration of tour – 1 hour 30 minutes.
*Smart and decent attire.
*The management may amend the schedule of the tour in the event any official function is held during the tour.
*Visitor from within and overseas necessary bring Identity Card / Passport for Registration objective.

For guided tours, please submit your application via ONLINE FORM or by email: seriperdana@pmo.gov.my  at least 7 days before the date of the tour.

Seri Perdana Complex
Persiaran Seri Perdana, Precinct 10, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8888 8200 / 8201
Fax: 603-8888 3271
Email: seriperdana@pmo.gov.my 
Website: www.seriperdana.gov.my

Constructed on 20th November 2000, the Darul Ehsan Palace is the royal retreat for the Sultan of Selangor and it is not open to the public.

Darul Ehsan Palace

Stands majestically on the fringes of Putrajaya Lake, the palace is constructed in Classic European architectural style with huge grey facade always attracts attention from visitors.

Darul Ehsan Palace

The six storeys palace consists of lift services and its area included guarded private spaces, personal library and a grand lobby of which the floor is tiled with exquisite Malaysian marble. The grand entrance door leads to a semi-circular lobby.

Darul Ehsan Palace
Precinct 8, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Built on the highest vantage point in Putrajaya, Melawati Palace is a royal retreat for the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

 Melawati Palace

Completed in 2002, Melawati Palace is the second national palace of Malaysia’s Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Putrajaya after the Istana Negara (National Palace) in Kuala Lumpur.

 Melawati Palace

In Malay, Melawati literally means the guard’s tower which is manifested in the three huge towers flanking the palace, which form a prominent structure at the side and centre of the palace.  These towers represent old guard towers to be found in medieval Malay palaces. The 3 tiered roofs with intricate eaves details and clay ‘buah butong’ (appendages at the corners) provides an authentic attempt to replicate Malay traditional roof designs of the east coast. Inside the palace at the main staircase of the Meeting Wing, is a Melawati which is made from cengal wood topped with golden roof.

 Melawati Palace

Designed by Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin, principal architect and owner of Senibahri Arkitek, the palace comprises four main components, namely, the Royal Wing which make up the private quarters, the Reception Wing where ceremonial reception hall is located and where royal events are held in the hall, the Banquet Wing (where royal banquets are held) and some other function rooms and administrative block as the working areas for the officials.

 Melawati Palace

Melawati Palace
Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Stands in a 25 hectare park in Precinct 2, the 68m tall Millennium Monument is uniquely shaped like an obelisk with etchings denoting important milestones and periods in the nation’s history from the 1400s until 2000, marking Malaysia’s historical milestones from the Malacca sultanate’s formation, through independence and the present day.

Millennium Monument

The monument is constructed of solid metal structures and built in the shape of a hibiscus, the national flower. The tapering tower is divided into the primary eras of pre-independence, the past (1957-1970), the present (1971-2020) and the future (2020 onwards).

Millennium Monument

At night, it serves as a beacon with light projected at 360 degrees and visible from various locations in Putrajaya.  The lights also guide the cruise boats.

Millennium Monument

Millennium Monument
Lebuh Ehsan, Precinct 2, 62100 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Inspired by Moorish architecture, the Palace of Justice is a majestic building with domes, columns and arches.

Palace of Justice

The five-storey Palace of Justice houses 6 Federal Courts and 2 Appeal Courts. The design philosophy is grounded on 3 simple principles: balance, fairness and strength to represent the nation’s judicial system.

Palace of Justice

Visitors are free to view the building from the outside. It is a great place for outdoor photography with impressive domed minarets on the background.

Palace of Justice

Palace of Justice
Precinct 3, 62506 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8880 3500/3900
Fax: 603-8888 4522/3799
Email: webmaster@kehakiman.gov.my
Website: www.kehakiman.gov.my

Completed in August 2002, Ministry of Finance Building comprises a crescent-shaped tower and a series of arches forming Islamic motifs. Its architectural expression, resolution, logic and detailing as inspired by Islamic architecture and the richness of Malaysian heritage.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance Complex fronts Putrajaya’s Grand Boulevard and takes cues from the design of the ceremonial square and its formal planting. The arcaded crescent is lifted off  its base by slender columns, arching back as it gains in height, radiating to the bloom of its crown, a fine umbrella of louvers that filter the heat of the tropical sun.

Ministry of Finance

The building massing essentially forms wings off the main formal crescent, with circular activity nodes spaced at regular intervals. These nodes or “event cones” constitute gathering areas, meeting and conference rooms and lounges. The lightness of the screen of the main elevation and the nodal “event cones” are contrasted with the more solid stone clad walls, textured surfaces and planes. In concept, the building is reflective of contemporary tropical architecture.

Ministry of Finance

The 12-storey Ministry of Finance Building was the coveted Malaysian Building Industry Award in 2000 for Best Office Building and Best Architectural Design and nominated for the prestigious International Aga Khan forarchitecture.

Ministry of Finance Complex
No. 5 Persiaran Perdana Presint 2, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62592 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8000 8000
Fax: 603-8882 3893 / 3894
Email: pro@treasury.gov.my
Website: www.treasury.gov.my

Number 1 in Convention Exclusivity, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is Malaysia’s premier meeting and convention venue. First in exclusivity. First in the number and variety of its venues. First in access and connectivity. First in green practices.


Its most imposing architectural feature is the roof, designed to resemble a pending perak, the ornate handcrafted silver regalia worn on ceremonial occasions by the sultans of Malaysia and representing power and authority.



Putrajaya International Convention Centre
Presint 5, 62000, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8887 6000 
Fax: 603-8887 6499
Facebook: piccmalaysia
Email: enquiry@picc.com.my
Website: picc.com.my

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