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Putrajaya Lake

An incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands, Putrajaya Lake was created by inundating the valleys of Sungai Chuau and Sungai Bisa. The lake covers about 13% of the total land area.

Putrajaya Lake

The lake was primarily designed to be a climate moderator for the city but it also enhances the beautiful appeal of Putrajaya.


One of the most prominent attractions in the city, the serene Putrajaya Lake provides a clean environment for recreational activities and water sports.


Discover the most unique and interesting way to see Putrajaya by taking Putrajaya Lake Cruises. Many fun activities offered by Putrajaya lake or its surrounding await you to explore too!


The best way to experience Putrajaya is by taking a leisure cruise on the Putrajaya Lake. As the sole cruise service provider in Putrajaya, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya serves to complement the city’s tourism appeal, allowing visitors to see and marvel at the stunning sights and more than 20 Putrajaya landmarks from a unique perspective.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

A lake cruise is a great way to view the iconic bridges and landmarks in Putrajaya such as Perdana Putra (Prime Minister’s office), Putra Mosque, Darul Ehsan Palace, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Tuanku Mizan Mosque and many more from the deck.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

There are various types of cruises available or custom-made one to suit visitors’ fancy. Visitors can opt to sail the lake on air-conditioned passenger cruise boats which can fit up to 120 people each or beautiful traditional handcrafted boats that can be used for smaller groups to view the city’s striking landmarks or Tubester- Picnic Boat.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

For the ultimate cruise experience, indulge in a luxury cruise with dining on board.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Air-Conditioned Cruise Boats

Air-Conditioned Cruise Boats are specifically designed and built with wraparound windows arching from armrest level to the ceiling, allowing passengers clear and unobstructed view of the lake in luxurious comfort. As the boat cruises past the many stunning Putrajaya landmarks, you are welcome to hop over to the decks and feel the wind brush against your face.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
Double Deck (Sebarau & Kelah):
Capacity: 120 pax seated or 60 pax for dining

Single Deck (Belimbing & Daun):
Capacity: 76 pax seated or 30 pax for dining

Traditional Boats

Perahu Dondang Sayang (Boat Name: Payang & Kolek)

For a nostalgic cruising experience, explore Putrajaya from genuine replicas of the local Malay traditional perahu or wooden gondola-like vessels, all intricately crafted and made in the state of Terengganu. Glide through the waters of Putrajaya Lake and hear the soothing chug of the motor boat as it takes you around the scenic lake. Dondang Sayang boat is able to seat up to 6 people at one time.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Love Boat

Board to Dondang Sayang traditional boat to have a romantic cruise for two! Meals will be served while you sail along Putrajaya Lake.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya


Experience the life of the Bajau Laut; gypsies of the sea who lives off the east coast of Semporna, Sabah. Lepa – lepa is their traditional single-mast sailing boats where they spend most of their lives on. You do not have to go to faraway Semporna to experience sailing on board the unique Lepa- Lepa. Grab this opportunity to sail along Putrajaya Lake with the beautifully decorated Lepa – Lepa, which is able to accommodate up to 10 people at one time.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Unique Venues for Events & Celebrations

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya offers a variety of cruise packages options such as sightseeing, educational tours, romantic affairs, private dining and fun activities to suit every taste on board.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

The cruise can be a unique event venue to cater wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, product launches or press conferences.


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
Jeti Putra, Jambatan Putra, Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8888 5539
Fax: 603-8888 3769
Email: sales@cruisetasikputrajaya.com
Website: cruisetasikputrajaya.com

It’s more than just a marina!


Apart from the breath taking view, Marina Putrajaya offers first class recreational and leisure facilities, which divided into land-based and lake-based facilities.



Marina Putrajaya

Land-based Facility

Marina Putrajaya provides recreational indoor facilities such as indoor swimming pool, snooker and pool lounge, karaoke room, squash courts, gymnasium, steam bath and sauna room as well as function rooms and halls.

Check on the rates of admission fees to the recreational facilities as below or contact 603-8888 5539 for more information.

i) Indoor Swimming Pool

Adult: RM 5.30
Children: RM 3.20
Swimming Lesson: Starts from RM180.00/month
Operation Hours:
Session 1: 09.00 am – 11.45 pm
Session 2: 12.30 pm – 03.15 pm
Session 3: 04.00 pm – 06.45 pm
Session 4: 07.30 pm – 09.45 pm

Marina Putrajaya
ii) Snooker and Pool Lounge
Snooker: RM 12.00/hour
Pool: RM 10.00/hour
Dart: RM 5.00/ hour

Marina Putrajaya
iii) Karaoke Room (Up to 15 pax)
Room Rate: RM50.00/hour with canned drinks & tidbits for 4 pax

iv) Squash Court
Rental: RM15.00/hour

Marina Putrajaya

v) Gymnasium & Aerobics
Admission Fee (Gymnasium & Aerobic): RM10.00/hour
Personal Training Class: Starts from RM65.00/session
Marina Putrajaya
vi) Steam & Sauna
Admission Fee (Steam Bath & Sauna Room): RM15.00/45 minutes

Marina Putrajaya
*Rate subject to change & All prices are subject to 6% GST


Lake-based Facility

Situated at the largest part of Putrajaya Lake, Marina Putrajaya has always been the centre of water sports in Putrajaya.

Marina Putrajaya

There are many water sport clubs and association adopt Marina Putrajaya as their training hub because of the lake access facilities and equipment provided by Marina Putrajaya. Marina Putrajaya is also known as the training ground for international athletes coming from all over the world for water sports activities such as canoe and kayak training. It is also famous for its dragon boat training and dragon boat team building program, in which it has attracted numerous big corporations and agencies to join the program.

Marina Putrajaya

Marina Putrajaya also offers venues and banquet facilities to cater any type of events such as conferences, meetings, weddings, themed parties and team buildings, giving guests a unique and pleasurable experience.

Marina Putrajaya

Marina Putrajya
No 1, Jalan P5/5,
Precinct 5, 62200 Putrajaya.
Tel: 603-8888 0317
Fax: 603-8889 3526
Email: sales@marinaputrajaya.com
Facebook: Marina Putrajaya
Website: www.marinaputrajaya.com

Now everyone can fly like Iron Man!

Flyboard is a new cool flying device, which can be configured to connect to an existing jet-ski. Developed by a French inventor Frankie Zapata (also a top jetski racer from Zapata Racing), this new extreme water sport was gaining popularity in Europe & USA.


Malaysia’s first and pioneer extreme water sport center at Marina Putrajaya, offering those who want to experience hovering above water. Provide adrenaline junkies with instant exhilaration and fun with nozzles attached to their feet. Complete freedom to fly freestyle safely under the guidance of experience instructors.

Flyboard Malaysia


(i) Flyboarding

The Flyboard is the newest extreme sport! It is an accessory that attaches to a PWC (Personal Watercraft) which gives the Flyboard propulsion through air and water. The propulsion is routed through the primary nozzle that attaches to the feet of the Flyboard user. Despite its intuitive use, the Flyboard is none the less an extreme sports gear to practice with great vigilance.


How Does It Work?

The PWC provides all of the propulsion for the Flyboard. Using a set of unique and patented adapters, inventor Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing, turned an ordinary watercraft into a Water Sports Sensation. The thrust from the PWC is routed through a long hose up to the Flyboard where a rider can divert and control that thrust to create any type of movement he/she desires.

Flyboard Malaysia

All of the thrust developed from the PWC is routed through the hose, so the PWC just follows behind the rider in trail giving you the freedom to go anywhere, even underwater. The Flyboard has its own buoyancy and therefore floats on the water allowing the rider more safety and easier time in the water prior to start.

Flyboard Malaysia

You can fly over the water, under the water, and have complete freedom to fly freestyle without the risk of getting hurt. We can assure you that the Flyboard is extremely SAFE.

Flyboard Malaysia


Learning to operate the Flyboard is much easier than you might think. Many people ask us “how hard is it to fly?” When given proper instruction and the student can follow those instructions, almost anyone will start flying the Flyboard during their first 5 minutes in the water. After only 20 minutes in the water you could easily have basic control of your movements over the water. Some people will have a natural ability and a faster learning curve, but almost anyone will have a lot of fun during their first ride and it only gets better after each ride. Most people have found that they are twice as good on their second ride.


(ii) Hoverboarding

Inspired by the movie Back to the future™ and in tribute to the famous Silver surfer™; The Hoverboard by ZR® is a hydro-propelled board, which allows the user to ride and surf in total freedom above the water. Connected to the PWC pump by a hose, the Hoverboard by ZR® user can manage the board with ease and can reach up to 8 meters above the sea, to an average speed of 40 km/h.

Flyboard Malaysia

Similar to the propulsion powering the flyboard, the water thrust is controlled by an instructor via the personal watercraft to propel the hoverboard forward.


(iii) Kids Tandem Flight

Especially for kids below 40kg who wants to also experience flyboarding (but not allowed as they do not meet the minimum weight criteria), our experienced instructors will be able to conduct Tandem Flights with them on Flyboards.

Flyboard Malaysia

The height of the flight will be limited to maximum of 5m above water and the kids must be ‘comfortable’ in water.


(iv) Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

The fast-growing sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a fun and easy way to go and play on the water. Stand up Paddling is becoming a very popular water sport. SUP boards are larger and therefore more stable than surfing long boards. The boards are ridden standing up, so some initial balance is required. The rider uses a long-shaped paddle for propulsion and steering. There are different strokes you can learn to help you turn and to make you move. You do not need any previous experience or to be in great shape to try SUP. It is much less demanding than regular surfing. So it appeals to all ages, young and old. This makes it a great activity that families can share and do together.

Flyboard Malaysia

SUPing can be a low or high impact exercise depending on your intensity using a combination of balance, strength, and endurance. Once you’ve gained your balance, enjoy your paddling and the feeling of freedom on water. Plus, lots of fun awaits!

Each session comes with a safety briefing, ground instructions as well as basic SUP techniques, hence perfect for beginners and first timers too!


(v) Kayaking

A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation. Experience our ‘Sit on Top” Kayaks, both single and double seaters and enjoy the tranquility of the lakeside and Putrajaya’s bridges.

Flyboard Malaysia

In Malaysia, it is now available exclusively thru Flyboard Malaysia, which operates at Marina Putrajaya on weekends. Private, Group and Corporate bookings are also available by appointment

Call the hotline to book you session.

Flyboard Malaysia

Flyboard Malaysia
Marina Putrajaya No.1, Jalan P5/5,
Precinct 5 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 6012-287 1120
Email: shenyee@flyboardmy.com
Facebook: Flyboard Malaysia
Website: www.flyboardmy.com
Operation Hours: Daily: 9:00 am – 7.00 pm

A club that caters for all~

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club is a club for all boating enthusiasts, offering indoor and outdoor activities for community.

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club

The club offers great moments in water sports activities.

Putrajaya Lake Club

The club is equipped with a meeting room, restaurants and recreation facilities that facing the scenic lake.

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club also provides delicious cuisines and live entertainment to its guests and community reunions.

Putrajaya Lake Club

Dining Facilities:


  • Restaurant Samudera – Serves delicious east and western cuisines.
  • Putra Classic Café – Offers cooling beverages, spacious concept, comfortable cafe chairs, plush couches and banquettes.
  • Bayu Restaurant- Detailed service together with creative dishes and outstanding beverages create an enchanting and memorable evening for high-end corporate meetings or functions.

It is also an ideal place for any kind of event or celebration.

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club

Putrajaya Lake Club
No 2, Jalan P8, Precinct 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603-8889 5008
Fax: 603-8889 5007
Email: kelabtasikputrajaya@gmail.com
Facebook: Kelab Tasik Putrajaya
Website: www.kelabtasikputrajaya.com.my
Operation Hour: 10.00 am-10.00 pm


Malaysia’s first and biggest tethered helium balloon theme park, Skyrides Festivals Park consists of various attractions such as Skyrides Balloon, SkyWarriors Rainforest Challenge, SkyKids Warrior, SkyDemo, SkyGallery, SkyTaste and many more.

Skyrides Festivals Park

Skyrides Balloon

Accredited by the Malaysia Book of Records as the country’s first and largest tethered helium balloon ride, the Skyrides Balloon is the most iconic structure in the city and a definite must-ride. Certified to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standard, it is the safest manufactured helium balloon aircraft in existence today.

Skyrides Festival Park

Soaring up to 120m, the balloon ride offers fascinating 360 degree view of the Putrajaya skyline, the most scenic and amazing way to experience this city. The balloon able to caters up to 30 passengers per ride depending on weather conditions.

Skyrides Festivals Park


Specifically designed to escalate in difficulty from start to finish, the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge utilises the optimal capabilities of participant’s upper and lower body strength as well as mental sharpness.
Skyrides Festivals Park
With a total of 8 obstacles and a time challenge for all participants, the SkyWarrior determines the maximum potential of your current fitness attributes, not to mention it’s a whole lot of fun and great way to share cherished moments with friends and family.
Skyrides Festivals Park
Skyrides Festivals Park

SkyKids Warrior

While parents are having the time of their lives attempting to defeat the monstrous obstacles of the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge, the little ones are not left out either.
Skyrides Festivals Park
The SkyKids Warrior, the first dedicated children’s obstacle challenge course offers 15 obstacles purpose-built to strengthen children’s muscles and motor coordination skills.
Skyrides Festivals Park
Many more fun activities await you to explore!!!

Skyrides Festivals Park
Jalan P2M, Precinct 2, 62100 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8893 0185
Facebook: Skyrides Festivals Park, Putrajaya
Website: skyridesputrajaya.com
Operation Hours: Daily- 10 am – 10 pm;  Friday – Saturday- 10 am – 12 mid night

Balloon Flights Over Putrajaya! 

MyBalloon Adventure

Myballoon Adventure, is the first company in the country to receive an Air Operating Certificate (AOC) to operate commercial hot air balloon rides. Four hot air balloon enthusiasts determine to make Malaysia the next ballooning destination in South East Asia and show the world the beauty of this country from above.

MyBalloon Adventure

A hot air balloon ride is nothing short of a wonderful dream come true. Captivate your senses as you feast your sights upon the majestic beauty of Putrajaya. Seek comfort in the clouds as you greet the sunrise and witness the city wake up from slumber. Delight in your moment of serenity high above with your loved ones. Believe you can fly and My Balloon Adventure will take you beyond the horizon.


Float Towards your next great adventure!

Ride it and feel the greatness from the sky~
~Malaysia Visitors Guide~

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Kuala Lumpur

Unique Experience of the Year for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
~Luxury Travel Guide Award~

“Enjoy the gift off magical voyage of discovery over Putrajaya’s celebrated highlights.”
~New Sarawak Tribune~

For a bird’s eye view of Putrajaya
~The Star Online~

“.. I would call it a gentle thrill. My ride felt safe and comfortable…”
~Malaysian Digest~


MyBalloon Adventure Sdn Bhd
B1-28-2 Dataran Niaga Sg Besi, Midfields Square West, Jalan 11/108C,
Off Lebuhraya Sg.Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-9044 0105/ 6017-379 0626
Email: info@myballoonadventure.com
Facebook: Myballoon Adventure
Website: myballoonadventure.com

Come and explore Putrajaya with latest Craze, Beca Cinta (literally translated as “Romance Trishaw”).

Kampung Beca

The all-new Beca Cinta is an eye-catching family fun vehicle that promises a whole load of fun and laughter for the family.

Kampung Beca

Have a fun ride or car-cycle and create a picture-perfect memory. 

Kampung Beca

There are a range of bikes waiting for you!!!


Operation Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 4 pm – 11 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10 am-12 mid night

Kg Beca
Gate C, Anjung Floria, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-8893 6080
Facebook: Kg Beca

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